Who are we?

Ltd „Nord Robotics“ represents japanese robots FANUC – one of the biggest industrial robots companies in the world, who already produced more then 0,5 million robots and is a leading company in the world.

We are proud to have talented and experienced robot integrators team, who is ready to take the toughest tasks and find the best robotic solutions.

Whether it is painting, welding, processing wood or metal, handling boxes, packing or assembling the products – we are ready to give you the best robotic solutions.

By purchasing the FANUC robot form us, you will get the product which will help you to improve productivity, increase quality, maximize profits and maintain a competitive edge.

Ltd „Nord Robotics“ belongs to the well known technologies group in Lithuania with more than 15 mln. Euro annual turnover.

What we offer?

We are designing, integrating and operating the robotic systems. We can offer more than 100 different types of robots, so we can easily find the solution for everyone’s needs.

We are installing robotic vision products. FANUC iRVision has industry’s widest range of robotic vision products. High resolution video system allow robots to perform even the difficult tasks – final product assembly, product identification, sorting, packaging, quality control, precise product positioning, precise welding.

We offering different robotic systems for welding. The largest range of robot models FANUC’s arc or spot welding robots can provide the perfect fit for your manufacturing operation. The FANUC welding robots allows users to maximize productivity, optimize quality, minimize manufacturing costs, and improve the safety of your workplace.

We can find the best palletizing / depalletizing solutions for You. Fanuc robots are capable of loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to and from pallets. By integrating your production with one of the FANUC palletizing robots, your company will stay competitive, will be able to meet the goal rate and have the system ready for delivery on schedule.

Remember – Fanuc robots will help you to reach your manufacturing goals in any industry.

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